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Goodies From Grandma's Recipe Box


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Deborah Beachboard


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Wellspring: A Journal of Christian Poetry
United Amateur Press Association of America
Beachboard Bramble
The Agreeable Companion
The Beehive
In 1992, seventeen years after graduating high school, Deborah Beachboard renewed her interest in creative writing. Since then she has focused her writing energy almost exclusively on the creation of poetry. She is pleased to have seen poetry published in several journals, including Dynamic Patterns Literary Webzine, Tintern Abbey, Twilight Ending, Sijo West, Poetic Page, Some Words, and Modern Haiku. Deborah has most recently been published online in Amaze, Some Words, Short Stuff, and Raven Electrick. She enjoys membership in Washington Poets Association, and United Amateur Press Association of America (for which she holds the offices of Activity Manager, Secretary/Treasurer, and Mailer), and Phoenix APA